Who we are.

Soul Survivor Inc., is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit focused on helping survivors of sex-trafficking and gang affiliations overcome the pain of their past through “branding” tattoo lightening and removal. We are a skilled, experienced and heart-oriented group that has developed a proprietary system for tattoo lightening and removals not seen before. We have exceptional partnerships with organizations who care for the girls and boys, and men and women who have had to endure such a horror.

By coming together as a community, Soul Survivor Inc., encourages the survivor to understand that there is hope to be had. Step-by-step, we take a referral from our partner organizations, and help the survivor get their unsightly tattoos removed. While not every tattoo can be removed completely due to age, inks used or any number of mitigating factors, we have many methods to address the tattoo. We also help the survivor with cover-ups should a removal or lightening not work out.

We don’t abandon the survivor during the process. We ensure they get the best treatment possible throughout extensive network of certified and trained affiliate artists. Plus, we ensure the safety and privacy of the procedures so that the survivor won’t have to relive additional traumas. Soul Survivor Inc., was built on the hope we could eliminate all unsightly and painful “branding” so the survivor can be emotionally, spiritually and physically released from their past bondage.

What we do.

Soul Survivor Inc., gives the sex-trafficking survivor a chance to breathe again. We couple with local community organizations in Arizona, Texas, Washington, North Carolina, California (and soon Atlanta and Nevada) to refer men and women to our safe, certified and trained affiliate lightening and removal technicians.

If you are a man or woman, or young girl or boy in need of a procedure, please fill our our scholarship form. We can greatly reduce or eliminate costs for any survivor through the help of our generous donors. Simply fill out the form and submit to us for review. We then can better determine the need and process to best serve the survivor.

If you are an organization with the heart to help sex-trafficking survivors, and desire to partner with Soul Survivor Inc., please fill out our organization discovery form. This easy to fill out form allows us to vet the organizations who desire to align with us and help sex-trafficked survivors.

Finally, but not in the bit least, if you are an individual or organization that wants to financially help Soul Survivor Inc., with a tax-deductible financial gift, please feel free to click here to give a gift of any amount today. All resources are helpful and go towards the process of helping the individual survivor and impacting the local community in a positive and wonderful way.

How To Help.

JOIN US for our ANNUAL FUNDRAISER: January 11, 2020 at the Arizona Broadway Theater, Soul Survivor Inc., will hold a Silent Auction and Dinner gala! You can join us by purchasing tickets for this great opportunity to support Soul Survivor Inc. The evening will include fun, food and a time of sharing with survivors, and special guest speakers. There will also be prizes and a chance to win amazing auction items. Or become a sponsor for the event – we have several levels available. Title Sponsor, Presenting Sponsor, Supporting sponsor and more. Download our gala event information for more details.

Buy Tickets to Soul Survivor Inc. Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction Gala on January 11, 2020 here!

GIVE A GIFT: You can donate your financial gift to Soul Survivor Inc., via our secure, online PayPal account. All transactions are safe and secure. We never store your personal or private information. Click here to donate now.

PARTNER WITH US: You can become a referring organization by filling out our organizational discovery form here. Simply click and return to find out more about a potential partnership.

BECOME A TECHNICIAN: Are you a trained tattoo artist with a desire to help by becoming a cover-up resource or lightening and removal technician? We have very affordable programs to help you become an affiliate of Soul Survivor Inc., and help your community while also earning more revenue for your business. We have compensation programs to help mitigate some of the cost of procedures on any referred survivor. Click here to learn more.

Contact Us.

Need help? Please don’t delay. There is help. call the sex-trafficking hotline to get assistance right away.

Sex Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-7888 or text “help” or “Info” to 233733