Tik Tok

A new app for creating and sharing short videos. Users are vulnerable to seeing explicit content and bullying as there are few privacy measures.


Instagram app is rated 13+ and may be slightly tamer than Tumblr, but users can still find mature or inappropriate content and comments throughout the app (there is a way to flag inappropriate content for review). “Trolls” — or people making vicious, usually anonymous comments — are common. A user can change the settings to block their location or certain followers, but many users are casual about their settings, connecting with people they don’t know well or at all.


This popular app promises that shared photos and videos will disappearonce they are seen. This app also shares the geographic location of users.


This site that allows other users to ask questions is known for cyberbullying.


A texting app that allows users to direct message others. The app is known for preserving the anonymity of its users. As of 2016, it is used by approximately 40 percent of American teenagers.


Facebook is a free social networking site that allows users to exchange messages, pictures, videos and more.


This app works like a phone, allowing users to call, text and share photos and videos worldwide.


A dating and social networking app where users can chat, share photos and videos, and connect based on location. Though intended for adults, children and teenagers have used it.


Similar to the dating app Tinder, except women initiate contact. Kids have accessed this app with fake names and ages.


A secret app that allows users to hide photos, videos, files and their browser history.


A dating app aimed toward gay, bisexual and transgender people. There are options to chat and share videos. Users can also use their phone’s GPS function to find nearby users.


An app that allows users to instantly video connect with users all over the world. However, some users report being exposed to explicit content, racial slurs and more.

Hot or Not

Another dating app that allows users to rate profiles and find other users in the area.


This livestreaming video app uses geolocation to share the exact location of users. The app uses a virtual currency called “coins”, which can be used to “pay” minors
for photos.


This dating app allows users to connect through geographic proximity.  Users are encouraged to meet each other in person.


A location-based dating app where users under 17 are not able to share photos, but kids have found their way around the restriction.


An anonymous social media app allows users to share secrets with strangers. Like many of the apps on this list, Whisper also shares users’ location information.